I am not a trained psychologist, but I seem to remember reading that social isolation can cause people to be insensitive to the feelings of others. and if you cannot see someone’s face, it makes it more difficult to tell what heshe is thinking, or feeling.

Which leads to this question:
What becomes of these school children in the long run?
Antisocial monsters? Ruthless criminal sociopaths who are utterly unconcerned about the welfare of others?

I wouldn’t bet against that, myself.
Now is the time to start building the massive increase in (adult) detention facilities which will be required, in the long run.

Look on the bright side, though. Little Johnny & Janie are being behaviorally indoctrinated in “prison preparatory facilities,” complete with bars, armed guards, and in-facility lockdowns, since early childhood. They will be well prepared to assume their assigned role in society.

But who will pay for their upkeep? Time to put the “useless eaters” to work… But what sort of work is there, for ignorant beasts, in a highly sophisticated technological society? Perhaps they will simply become…food. Roasted “long pig” may become a sought after delicacy, at least in some circles.

Either that, or they might become “parts bodies,” whose organs could be “harvested” to extend the lives of their Overlords. Need to get them young for that, however. Come to think of it, once the internal organs are harvested, it makes no sense to waste the meat.


in conjunction with a “protein recovery facility” to harvest the donor meat, might become reality.

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