Classics Fail

We read here:

Princeton University has eliminated Greek And Latin requirements for Classics majors.

Say what?

And in other news, Princeton University may contemplate making mastery of the calculus optional for physics majors, because
a) math is racist
b) Isaac Newton was a white male
c) Isaac Newton was English, and therefore the beneficiary of English colonial oppression of indigenous peoples
d) Isaac Newton’s first name was “culturally misappropriated” from a historically grievously oppressed group
e) Isaac Newton was a closet Nazi, who died a virgin rather than risk race pollution by possibly marrying a non Aryan woman
f) all of the above

Meanwhile, the distinguished faculty of Princeton’s former “Department of Mathematics” have been working feverishly to “prove” (a term of art in the “community of mathematicians”) that 2 plus 2 must equal whatever the Inner Party decrees it to be on any given day.

Forward to the future, comrades.

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