Show Trial Coming Up

For Thomas Barrack, the latest high profile U.S. political prisoner:

Interesting bio:

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Put a Cork In It

More evidence that the cult of face effacement has nothing to do with preventing the transmission of disease, and everything to do with preventing the transmission of ideas:


Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerry Chant told reporters on Tuesday that Australians shouldn’t engage in conversations, even if both parties were wearing masks, and regardless of vaccination status.

“Whilst it’s human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly, unfortunately, this is not the time to do that,” Chant said. 

Take note she is not taking her own advice to put a cork in it, which would be my first request, were I in her presence. Silence for thee, but not for me, eh?

We can only anticipate the next diktat, which may well be to avoid speaking by telephone. You never know, “The Virus” might seep through the telephone wires…

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Call me Dhimmi

To my mind, the best way to regard the “filthy face diaper” (and they are in fact filthy, if worn for any extended period) is as a religious garment, which is as necessary to the faithful as it is superfluous to non-adherents to the sects which require it.

I grew up with the idea of religious freedom and religious tolerance. I am myself not religious, but I do support the right of others to practice their religion, so long as that practice does not intrude on my life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness.

Two possibilities void the deal:
1. Their religious practices impinge on my well being, or that of others who are not members of their sect. Example: the sect requires human sacrifice. No problem, provided you select the “consecrated ones” from among your own kind.
2. They wish to force me to become one of them, and observe their sacraments. Not happening here.

So, if a Muslim woman wears the hijab, that is her privilege, and I respect her right to do so. A Jewish man sports a kippah? No problem. He can pray as many times a day as he likes, just don’t do it (out loud!) on company time. The Amish? More muscle power to them. Perhaps some day their descendants will decide that electricity is not so evil after all.

But. forced conversions, including partaking of their sacraments, and observing all outward customs, including but not limited to, diet and wardrobe, is not acceptable. This is where I draw the line.

So, no, as a non-Covidian, I will not take the Covidian sacrament of “vaccination,” nor will I observe the Covidian custom of face effacement. I am not a “converso,” so I am not entitled to receive Holy Covid Communion, a.k.a, the Holy Needle. nor will I pretend to be, for the incidental and transient “benefit’ of personal convenience, which can be revoked any any time by those who can, and will, demand ever more draconian demonstrations of “belief.”

Call me Dhimmi. My name is Legion, for we are many.

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I am not a trained psychologist, but I seem to remember reading that social isolation can cause people to be insensitive to the feelings of others. and if you cannot see someone’s face, it makes it more difficult to tell what heshe is thinking, or feeling.

Which leads to this question:
What becomes of these school children in the long run?
Antisocial monsters? Ruthless criminal sociopaths who are utterly unconcerned about the welfare of others?

I wouldn’t bet against that, myself.
Now is the time to start building the massive increase in (adult) detention facilities which will be required, in the long run.

Look on the bright side, though. Little Johnny & Janie are being behaviorally indoctrinated in “prison preparatory facilities,” complete with bars, armed guards, and in-facility lockdowns, since early childhood. They will be well prepared to assume their assigned role in society.

But who will pay for their upkeep? Time to put the “useless eaters” to work… But what sort of work is there, for ignorant beasts, in a highly sophisticated technological society? Perhaps they will simply become…food. Roasted “long pig” may become a sought after delicacy, at least in some circles.

Either that, or they might become “parts bodies,” whose organs could be “harvested” to extend the lives of their Overlords. Need to get them young for that, however. Come to think of it, once the internal organs are harvested, it makes no sense to waste the meat.


in conjunction with a “protein recovery facility” to harvest the donor meat, might become reality.

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On Your Knees, Joe

This is how “free” we are:

The Present Dunce in the White House grovels at the feet of the President of Israel, while the Israeli Prez and his Chief of Staff smile approvingly.

I’ll be right back after I hurl.
Even the traitor LBJ would never stoop that low.
Looks like Droolin’ Joe forgot his knee pads, though.
Joey, you really need to pay more attention to using the proper PPE.

How long before we are shown the actual Unzipping of the Fly?
in that case, Joey will be able to ditch the face diaper, at least temporarily. No doubt Ol’ Reuven will have to “bag up,” though.

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Two Boxes of Rocks

In box #1 we have:

whereas box #2 contains:

Thus bringing to mind a famous quote from Samuel L. Clemens, “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.”

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Liberty Day

All Americans should commemorate, not celebrate, June 8 as Liberty Day:

In recognition of the traitorous actions of Lyndon B. Johnson, and the bravery and sacrifice of the men of U.S.S. Liberty.

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Classics Fail

We read here:

Princeton University has eliminated Greek And Latin requirements for Classics majors.

Say what?

And in other news, Princeton University may contemplate making mastery of the calculus optional for physics majors, because
a) math is racist
b) Isaac Newton was a white male
c) Isaac Newton was English, and therefore the beneficiary of English colonial oppression of indigenous peoples
d) Isaac Newton’s first name was “culturally misappropriated” from a historically grievously oppressed group
e) Isaac Newton was a closet Nazi, who died a virgin rather than risk race pollution by possibly marrying a non Aryan woman
f) all of the above

Meanwhile, the distinguished faculty of Princeton’s former “Department of Mathematics” have been working feverishly to “prove” (a term of art in the “community of mathematicians”) that 2 plus 2 must equal whatever the Inner Party decrees it to be on any given day.

Forward to the future, comrades.

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