Masters of … what?

This should scare the hell out of anyone who is paying attention:

I expect that, in the long run, this will be “pay to breathe,” as well as other horrors.
You think you “own your land?” Guess again.

Maybe so, but some Wall Street “securitized asset class” will own a) the rain that falls on it, b) the air that flows over it, c) any water, surface or subterranean, which flows through it. Welcome to hell. Because the self-appointed “Masters of he Universe” are determined to own the ENTIRE ecosystem, and we, the peasants, will be recast as “poachers” of the Masters’ “rightful assets.”

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This is Why

The U.S.A. is no longer “number one:”

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Who You Gonna Call?

Dr, Simone Gold, M.D., J.D.


Daughter of a medical school professor and a teacher of special needs children.
Graduated university (CCNY) age 19, graduated Chicago Medical School age 23.
J.D. Stanford University, age 27.
Board certified emergency physician with 20 years professional experience practicing her chosen medical specialty.
Naturally, Wackypedia trashes her, and she has been arrested for defying the U.S. Government.

By contrast, we have W.H. Gates III
Son of an attorney and a teacher.
Dropped out of undergraduate program in mathematics at Harvard University.
Became extremely wealthy marketing software. Notorious for stealing the ideas of others, and conducting marketing campaigns using the tactics of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). Arrested twice for traffic violations (mugshot online). Known cohort of an infamous child sex trafficker

Who would *you* trust on medical matters?

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Sympathy for the Devil

Comes now the Police Chief of the City of Fontana, Billy Green, to express copious sympathy for the parents of a violent felon who was shot to death by Fontana police when caught hiding out after committing his latest (and, thankfully, last) felony, but none whatsoever for his victim, a female living alone whose domicile was invaded in the wee hours by a large male dressed in black, including a black hood.

“This is a heart-breaking tragedy that changed the lives of two families,” the chief said in his video statement, referring to both Kinard and the officer.

Only two families? What about the victim of the crime?

To my knowledge, burglary of an occupied residence is considered a violent felony in the State of California. Have you ever been the victim of such a crime? I have, two nights running in fact. From personal experience, I can say it changes you, and not for the better.

I am a fairly large male, well able to defend myself in most circumstances, but I lived in a state of fear for some time thereafter, even though I am armed. A small woman, living alone? Use your imagination.

No sympathy expressed for the victim, though. No concern expressed for her well being, only that of the family of the deceased felon, who was a repeat offender, and for the police officer who shot him. I also have sympathy for the police officer, who I expect will relive this incident many times. No normal human being wishes to take the life of another, and I must assume, absent evidence to the contrary, that Officer Tutiavake is a normal human being.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for so-called “parents” who would spawn and raise a deranged, cowardly monster, an evil individual who preyed on vulnerable females smaller than himself.

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This Should be Interesting

The U.S. government has opened a formal investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot partially automated driving system after a series of collisions with parked emergency vehicles.

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Australian Senator Speaks His Mind

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NYC Business Owner: Laptop Repairman, not a Medical Policeman

Business Owner stands up for Liberty
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See How This Works?

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Public’s Right to Know?

Evidently, not in Victorville, CA.

According to this article:


A “masked man” (mirabile dictu!) was observed to be recording the proceedings of a public agency. For this he was arrested, and charged with “obstructing the business of a public agency.” A council member who came to his aid was also arrested, and charged with “suspicion resisting/obstructing a peace officer.”

Exactly how peaceably recording the proceedings of a City Council meeting “obstructs” it is a mystery, at least to me.

Note that the council member in question has a reputation of “challenging her colleagues from behind the dais and recording sheriff’s deputies she believes are abusing their power against citizens.”

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