Corvus Rising

On a field Or, a Corvus rising, displayed elevated, sable.

The gold field is intended to symbolize the light of reason.
Corvus Corax:
is among the most intelligent and adaptable of birds, and is associated
with Apollo in Greek mythology.

According to Wikipedia summary:
Apollo represents harmony, progress, clarity, logic and the principle
of individuation, whereas Dionysus represents disorder, intoxication,
emotion, ecstasy and unity (hence the omission of the principle of

Having come of age during the 1960s (born 1949) it is my view that the
chaos and disorder of that time was partly a rebellion against what some
perceived as the sterility of what they saw as an overly rational, i.e
purely Apollonian, society. It was a society which could journey to
the Moon, but knew not why they should go. The “counter culture” was
an indictment by some in the younger generation of those they
perceived as knowing how to do many things, but not why they should
be done.

In my view, the society in which we find ourselves today is one which
has swung entirely too far in the opposite direction, one in which the
denial of objective reality is all too common, in which individuals
assert that all opinions are equally valid, in which the principles of
logic are denigrated as “racist,” and the concept of scientific
investigation which may, and must always, be tested against objective
reality, is perverted into the enshrinement of dogma clothed in the
counterfeit vestments of “The Science,” which is treated as unerring,
received Truth by those incapable of critical thought.

From that point of view, it appears necessary, to me at least, to
strongly promote a return to sanity, to order and logic, as necessary
first principles of a functioning society. Hence, “from the darkness to
the light,” or per the late Prof Sagan, “a candle in the dark.”