None Shall Pass

“None shall pass,” quoth the Black Knight.
Now comes the Seedy of El Lay, a.k.a. (Total) Los(s) Angeles, which aspires to block off federal Interstate highways, and send its own goons to steal from motorists who wish only to pass through, not stop in, their location.

>The agency is working on a study analyzing three potential locations for pilot projects: on roads and freeways into downtown; on Interstate 10 between downtown and Santa Monica; and on freeways and canyon roads that cross the Santa Monica Mountains between the San Fernando Valley and the L.A. Basin.

Time for a new map.
Here there be dragons?
Nope. Here there be thieves.

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Actions Have Consequences

First, destroy the pipelines which provided abundant, low cost natural gas to Western Europe.

Next, remove natural gas from the U.S. market, liquify it, and ship it to Europe to replace the supply which was previously destroyed, at higher cost to the end users.

Now, watch the cost of natural gas in the U.S double or even triple, as the country experiences one of the coldest winters in recent history.

Some say it was the U.S. government which sabotaged Nord Stream 2.

If that is true, it implies that the military might of the U.S. government was used to benefit commercial enterprise (a.k.a. “business interests”), which is pretty much the textbook definition of fascism, although personally, I might prefer the term thugocracy, or, the “Washington Mafia.”

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Deviated Prevert

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Racist Elements

LA DWP is proposing to convert a natural gas fired power plant to GREEN hydrogen, produced entirely by electrolysis using electricity generated from solar panels. Clean energy, right?

But noooo.

“Jasmin Vargas, an organizer with Food and Water Watch, described hydrogen as ‘fundamentally racist and inequitable.’ ”

Who knew? The most abundant element in the universe is “racist!”

Not the most racist, though. That would obviously be carbon, because the “black” form of carbon (graphite) is valued much less than the “white” form (diamond). Racist, racist, racist!

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No Kidding?

pResident Biden sez:

“More than half the women in my administration are women.”

How nice for you, Joe! Who could have guessed, all things considered.


What the hell, why not “Rollerball Monday?”

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Barbarrosa 2023

Recently, we have the German Foreign Minister proclaiming that Germany is at war with Russia. Might as well have some music.

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Guest Post

From my good friend Adi Heidler, who is responding to this post on Lew Rockwell:

Guten Morgen, Herr McMaken!

As a member of the class of parasites which draw “Social Security” benefits, it seems obvious to me that a three point program must be implemented, and promptly, in order to bring this program in balance with Nature.

1. Firstly, it is obvious that the remedy for too long life expectancy is to promote behavior which will reduce life expectancy. Smoking of tobacco should be high on the list, as it is known to cause lung cancer (which killed my father at age 54) as well as heart disease. Bring back Torches_of_Freedom! Obesity, alcohol, and drug abuse must all be enlisted in this cause.

2. Secondly, there is no reason that any “Social Security” handouts should be exempt from taxation. Today’s policy of taxing only the benefits of those with significant other income must be eliminated. “Social Security” benefits must be regarded as “self employment income,” and therefore subject to “self employment tax” of 15.3%, plus taxation as “ordinary income” at the recipient’s marginal rate. If the lowest “income tax” bracket is 20%, this would recover 20% + 15.5% = 35.3% of so-called “benefits” for their rightful owner, the U.S Federal Government, from which all blessings flow.

3. Thirdly, all Useless Eaters must be encouraged to self-terminate by aggressively promoting a financial incentive to do so. Consider that if an individual with eleven years remaining life expectancy could be induced to self-terminate by a lump sum payment of one year’s “Social Security benefits,” (the Sunset Bonus) the Government would save ten years benefit payments on that individual. Should one year’s benefits not be adequate, the lump sum must be increased until the desired rate of acceptance is achieved.

Of course, termination must be accomplished by so-called “ethical” means, which would preferably involve high officials of die Interessengemeinschaft Mediziner Industrie AG , who could be counted upon to promote the desired objective, since they would stand to benefit to an extraordinary degree. Naturlich, the cost of implementation must be included when accounting for the costs versus benefit of the program.

Tschüß, und Willkommen im Affenhaus.


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Masters of … what?

This should scare the hell out of anyone who is paying attention:

I expect that, in the long run, this will be “pay to breathe,” as well as other horrors.
You think you “own your land?” Guess again.

Maybe so, but some Wall Street “securitized asset class” will own a) the rain that falls on it, b) the air that flows over it, c) any water, surface or subterranean, which flows through it. Welcome to hell. Because the self-appointed “Masters of he Universe” are determined to own the ENTIRE ecosystem, and we, the peasants, will be recast as “poachers” of the Masters’ “rightful assets.”

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This is Why

The U.S.A. is no longer “number one:”

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